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Samuel Famolu

I help people and organizations experience exponential growth through law and tech

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Over 10 Years Of combined experience as a lawyer, speaker, digital strategist

My simple assignment is to help you achieve exponential growth by using the law and technology. 

What I Offer For Exponential Growth

Whether you are at an idea stage, start up or an established brand or business, several things can be done differently to achieve your desired results...


I offer corporate legal services to individuals and organizations


What I have learnt, I teach in furtherance of the SDG4 (quality education)

Digital Strategist

To every quantifiable success via digital platforms there is a road map, I can show you some

What People Are Saying

When others sing your praise...

"Samuel Famolu is a creative and excellent trainer, making sure to touch on all the relevant aspects of the subject. He was thorough.
He got us all revved up by starting with a game, he interacted with the audience and had everyone's attention for the span of his teaching.."
Doro Udeh
TEF Hub Leader
"Samuel is very knowledgeable in the subject matter, and gave us an educative and entertaining session. We all went back with more knowledge and ideas!"
Business Owner
"Samuel is some one who is committed to excellence. I have attended more than three sessions that he facilitated and I must say that I am impressed. He makes knowledge easy to for one to understand and shares practical concepts and solution"
Enite Young Odebala
Managing Partner, Sublime Partners


...your digital strategy to more jobs, gigs, clients and partnerships

Ever thought how successful people get all the offers and collaborations even in the crowded and noisy digital space? There is a way to stand even while standing that attracts people to you.

It starts from being visible then, you can Standout.

My thoughts

Some how, the perspective we need to justify or correct our stand is

Dear CEO

Where does your organization stand in the compliance with the GDPR?​

Rocking your LinkedIn

When it comes to scoring professional points on social media, this is the one place to be.

Hard skills vs Soft skills

When it comes to getting a job and staying in one, its all about the skills